Some of my art that I make
whenever I decide not to be
lazy :T

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A project I made for school!

I made it so that I can utilize modular level design and how to texture and unwrap 3D models.

It came out pretty well, although I unfortunately ran low on time and hide to find some textures on websites but everything else was done by me.

I used Maya for the modeling, Unity for the scene and lighting, and Photoshop for creating textures and the texture sheet.

Hope you all like it! I am always open to opinion, criticism, etc. just message me! My

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1. I’m not too shabby with the video games (I plays them good).

2. I like to think of myself as very, very neat and organized (like “if you move anything in my room without me knowing I will have a fit” neat).

3. My skill in 3D modeling and texturing is becoming very good in my opinion (I need to post more of my work on here :T ).

4. I am probably the most mature 20 year old you will ever meet (no #420BlazeIt or YOLOing for me kiddies).

5. I never back down on a promise I make (Don’t want people hating and such).

Well there ya go! hope you’re happy!